systems integration

Practical experience = customized solutions.

We know that our customers have large and complicated problems to solve. Our mission is to provide key support via our integration efforts that allows our customers to successfully complete their efforts in the most cost-effective manner possible. How do we do this? By relying heavily on our cumulative years of experience we can provide the solutions that are best suited to your particular situation.

PTP has been providing complete systems integration services to our customers for over ten years. Our efforts have ranged from supplying the entire storage or processing system to providing a single component of a much larger system.

In order to deliver the best solution possible for each customer's specific operational needs, PTP’s experienced staff can provide analysis, design, engineering, acquisition, integration, implementation, and tuning of high-volume, high-performance, shared-data storage and processing systems.

We can tailor our involvement in your project to range from providing basic engineering and configuration consultation all the way to providing a fully integrated turnkey system. Contact PTP now to discuss your specific requirements.

non-standard integration efforts

In addition to providing integration and engineering services in traditional (computer room based) environments, PTP has a wealth of experience in successfully completing projects in less traditional settings. These efforts have included

  • rapid prototyping including design, assembly, & deployment
  • airborne data acquisition / storage / processing systems
  • new technology evaluation for insertion into production computer environments
  • mobile (ground-based) data download & processing systems
  • enterprise-class stoarge system for a cluster-based processing architecture

key elements

What's involved in a systems integration job? PTP has done integration jobs that have typically included some or all of the following tasks:

» requirements analysis
» performance analysis
» development of a functional specification
» evaluation and presentation of cost/performance trade-offs
» lifecycle cost analysis
» presentation of viable technical alternatives
» make acquisition recomendations
» component acquisition
» subsystem assembly
» integration into existing infrastructure
» verification and validation of system performance

Each integration job is unique and each requires some level of customization. Our staff has years of practical experience which allows them to construct a solution approach perfectly tailored to each customer's needs.

As an example of what goes into a typical integration effort, here is a brief description of one of our recent system integration projects:

  • from-scratch system design, procurement, installation, test, and basic support
  • design included working with customer to define/refine requirements and making architectural recommendations and trades
  • included full span of technology --- servers, storage (disk and tape), networks and infrastructure software such as backup (Symantec) and SAN file system (Quantum StorNext)
  • provided everything from system design to component acquisition and assembly to operating system installation to configuring system components for operational use
  • systems that were developed provide analysis platforms for customer supplication data

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