Storage & Processing Solutions

PTP has developed data storage and processing subsystems for customers in operational environments ranging from research data centers to imagery/video collection systems to airborne radar test platforms.  While the end-uses of the systems are widely varied, they all share the same common attributes:  high bandwidth data sources with a near zero tolerance of lost data.  Why are we successful in these varied environments?  We have the experience to know what really works.

PTP specializes in designing storage subsystems that use innovative technologies to ingest, store, retrieve, and manipulate massive quantities of data.  We have significant experience developing, deploying, and supporting multi-terabyte, fault-tolerant, fast sustained-access storage subsystems. These subsystems couple the latest field-proven storage hardware (disk, tape, solid state) with the most appropriate architecture (SAN, NAS, JBOD, RAID) to provide extremely cost-effective solutions.

Solution Components

In developing solutions for our customers, many components contribute to the overall success of the system installation. These components include


  • new technology assessment & testing where we identify edge and/or maturing technologies that align with the mission of the customer
  • technologies of interest include
    • storage
    • file systems
    • data duplication
    • cluster software
    • file servers (lNAS products)
    • network technologies
    • the latest server architecture including Intel Nehalem based platforms